Remove TitleΒΆ

Processor name: remove-title

This preprocessor runs before any conversion of Markdown and searches for a heading in the first line of provided Markdown text. If a heading is found on the first line, it deletes that line of text. This preprocessor runs after the save-title preprocessor if present.

This preprocessor is not turned on by default. To use remove-title, it needs to be explicity provided in the processors parameter when creating the Verto converter, or given in the update_processors method (see example below).


With the following text saved in example_string:

# Example Title

This is a sentence.
import verto
converter = verto.Verto()
tags = verto.tag_defaults()
result = converter.convert(example_string)

The html_string value in result would be:

<p>This is a sentence.</p>